Registration and Certification of Maternal and Child Family Care

    Our association is qualified to provide training and issue certification for Canadian Maternal and Child Home Care workers (Chinese/English), with the approval of the Canadian federal government. We set up rigid occupation standards and provide professional training to regulate the services of maternal and child home care to ensure the safety of both the parents and the babies. Moreover, through the professional training, women can learn maternal and child care skills, which provides them with more work opportunities in Canadian job market.CAN-Care Medicine

    CAN-Care Medicine has never authorized any organization or person to provide professional training or certification of maternal and child home care workers. Each registered Maternal and Child Home Care member only corresponds to the sole registered number.

    If you want to work as a member of Maternal and Child Home Care, please attend our programs and get the certificate as soon as possible. If you want to work in Canada as a maternal and child home caregiver, you should attend our program. For you and your family’s safety, please do not hire illegal workers. Please hire qualified workers of Maternal and Child Home Care. 

    The programs of maternal and child home care enroll students all year around.

    课程负责人: Wei Wu


    Dr. Ji  医学博士,CAN-Care资深护理专家,加拿大York大学,大连医科大学护理学院客座教授,先后在加拿大麦吉尔大学、多伦多大学访问和工作。从事母婴护理临床、高等护理教学及研究工作二十余年,在国家级及国际学术刊物发表文章近二十余篇,承担国家级科研项目5项。曾为南京医科大学护理学院副教授,全国护士职业注册考试试题组专家,江苏省护理自学考试阅卷组及实践操作技能考试专家。
    Dr. Lee 护理学博士,CAN-Care资深护理专家。加拿大York大学护理学院终身教授,资深产科护理专家。曾任台湾著名医院护理部主任及医学院护理学研究所教授及所长。从事产科临床、教学和研究工作三十余年,主编多部产科护理教科书。
    Wei Wu:CAN-Care高级婴儿护理专家,加入CAN-Care前担任家庭医生助理,持有加拿大健康领域多种执业证书。曾任北京安贞医院主管护士,北京大学医学部护理学院毕业。曾就职于北京著名三甲医院—安贞医院小儿心脏内外科临床10年余,熟知婴幼儿各种心理及生理需求,熟练掌握婴幼儿各种专业、安全的护理方法和照顾技巧。获劳动部认证的高级育婴师资格。

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