Currently, CAN-Care Medicine Cooperation offers health services such as medical consulting, maternal and child care, medical translation/interpretation, medical company and distant consultation.

    Maternal and Child Care is the most distinctive service of our company. CAN-Care maternal and child care club is the first medical maternal and child care club in North-America. It has abundant medical resources and combines babysitter services with personalized services of medical experts for the Canadian local market. With the specialization in maternal and child care, our company will enhance the quality of home care to satisfy the needs for child care of young parents. We provide not only the regular postnatal care and 42-days confinement care, but also guidance for fertility, miscarriages monitoring, confinement family, recovery after child-delivery, professional child care, and mental guidance for puberty. We provide services that cover all aspects of health needs for human growth and development.

    “We Can, We Care!” is not just a service concept of our company, but also a sincere promise of our employees to every customer.

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